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Trust your Body
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Labor and Birth

What should I do to prepare for labor?

  • Eat right.
  • Get good prenatal care
  • Get moving.  Walk, swim, stretch
  • Stay off the couch, and out of the recliner. Sit forward on a chair, or on the floor, allowing baby to swing around into the correct position for birth.
  • Check out www.spinningbabies.com
  • Attend a comprehensive birthing class given OUTSIDE the hospital setting.
  • write a Birth Plan
  • Hire a Doula.

How do I know when it’s REAL labor?

  • Contractions that get progressively closer together, longer and stronger.
  • Contractions that do not go away with a change in position, shower or bath.
  • 411- contractions 4 minutes apart, lasting at least 1 minute each, for at least 1 hour.

What can I do to avoid a Cesarean section?

  • Educate yourself, as much as possible about the birth process.
  • Attend a comprehensive birthing class given OUTSIDE the hospital setting.  Bradley Method, Lamaze or Birthing from Within are all good options.
  • Get good Chiropractic care during your pregnancy.
  • Hire a Doula.
  • Watch this video:

Prevent Cesarean Surgery is a short inspirational and entertaining production. Using real quotes spoken by women who have had both a cesarean and vaginal birth, music, photography, and statistics, it presents invaluable information that is researched based. All women of childbearing age will benefit from this educational movie. It is a must see!
Cesarean rates in the United States are at a record high for both new and experienced mothers. Despite vast amounts of research regarding the increased risks for both mothers and babies who experience cesareans compared to vaginal birth, there is a growing acceptance of this surgery in our culture. This movie addresses the question "Why should we try to avoid unnecessary cesareans?" It also presents advice for how to increase the chance of having a normal safe vaginal birth based on recommendations from organizations such as the World Health Organization, Lamaze International, and the Childbirth Connection.
Thanks to Sandy Scofield for permission to use her song "Faith" from the album "nikawiy askiy". www.sandyscofield.com

If you MUST have a c-section for medical reasons, Read this article:

The Best Cesarean Possible” P. Simpkin



What should I bring to the hospital?

    o Cell phone and charger

    o Camera and charger

    o Birth plan

    o Contact list for after baby’s birth

    o Tooth paste and tooth brush

    o Hairbrush, and ties or clips

    o Cosmetics and toiletries

    o Nightgown

    o Robe

    o Maternity Bras for breast feeding

    o Underwear

    o Warm socks or slippers

    o Going home clothes

    o Rice sock

    o Lip balm (no scent!)

    o Eyeglasses or contacts, and solution for contacts

    o Books or videos

    o Music (tapes or CD's ) and player

    o Clothes for baby

    o Baby blanket

    o Car seat

    o Baby sling

    o Diapers

    o Snacks for birth partner.

    o Juice, popsicles, or other clear fluids for mom.

    o Money for incidentals

Additional Resources:


Walking the Labyrinth by Jessa

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